About Us

VAAMAA FOREX is empowered by The Pintus Group, with a strong knowledge-base and experience in the diverse fields of business; banking; securities; project financing; market intelligence and network building. In a strong strategic partnership with The Pintus Group, we seek to undertake any financial asset and business in compliance with the current governing Central bank rules regarding the flow of financial investment and to exclusively act as their structure to monitor and control the financial investment in any legitimate and viable project in India. To be specific, we seek to provide start-ups along with well-established ventures, with expert financial opinion; adequate project funding services via direct financing or through financial instruments ensuring the trust of our clientele, backing them with strategic guidance in the key areas of project financing by adopting techniques of alternate funding.

Considering the minimum ticket size of One Hundred Million United States Dollars for any viable project to be considered for funding, clients with a high net worth and business plans with a strong social and humanitarian base will be assisted in obtaining financial instruments, abiding by the guidelines and the rules followed by the Central Bank of the involved country of our client.

Starting from the year 2015, The Pintus Group sets out to invest billions of dollars in startups and well established as well as Public Private Partnership projects across all sectors in India. Together, The Pintus Group and VAAMAA FOREX aim to take the country to new heights in terms of business and humanitarian grounds.