Established in the year 2011, VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited (the “Company”),was formed for the core purpose of melding the expertise of its principals; senior staff team and it’s strategic partners having complementary disciplines.
We are a full service management consultancy company, offering specialized corporate finance advisory services; strategic joint venture marketing opportunities; project financing services; as well as a full range of debt; equity and hybrid financial and capital raising for selected high growth potential companies that are in their early stages as well as established firms in both public and private sectors.

The Company engages in all forms of financial transactions, including, but not limited to capital-raising transactions by direct investment in both public and private companies and by providing strategic services to those companies on a joint venture basis. This permits its clientele to execute their pre-planned growth strategy and provide them with lateral financial support, by direct injection of additional capital or by the arrangement of credit lines, subject to the ability of the client to service such debt. It will also render material assistance to those clients having sufficient liquidity who are seeking to invest or deal in physical commodities or seeking to participate managed purchases and sales of financial instruments subject to the regulations of the Central bank of the concerned country of our client.

For high net worth individuals, trusts and other entities desiring to fund humanitarian projects worldwide can, subject to qualification and acceptance, provide access to certain international managed buy/sell programs of financial instruments. A qualifying client can develop humanitarian project to which it is committed or the Company can help the Client establish or joint venture with an existing humanitarian project. While the Company does not put its focus to any one specific industry, it is empowered by its strategic partners who have substantial experience and expertise in the areas of banking; securities; real estate development and or aerospace; power co-generation; defense related technology; information technology; healthcare; entertainment; mining; food; transportation; manufacture and distribution. Through the years, the Company’s strategic partners have completed transactions representing more than two hundred and fifty billion united states dollars in value.